In honor of the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Promotion of Philosophy

The lecture ‘Mahatma Gandhi. Life in search of Truth’ took place in Ekaterinburg, and opened a series of events by New Acropolis to celebrate Ghandi’s 150-anniversary.

Thanks to such a great person India gained the independence of colonial rule. Mahatma became the force which inspired the whole generation to ‘fight’ for the fair deal. He was able to do the world better by offering the practical method – ‘satyagraha’ – ‘the perseverance in truth’.

The lecturers introduced to listeners the philosophical principles of satyagraha: the self-restraint (the constant changing yourself according to truth) and ‘ahimsa’ – the non-violence (the ultimate form of forgiveness).

How to be “persistent in the truth”; what is “non-violence”; what helps to become a change that changes this world; what philosophical principles and rules of Gandhi’s life we can apply today. Those were the question raised at the discussional part.

Лекция в честь 150-летия Махатмы ГандиЛекция в честь 150-летия Махатмы Ганди


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