Training to awaken smiles (Barcelona, Spain)

Social Volunteering

The volunteer group “Awakening Smiles” of New Acropolis Barcelona received training on how to act with elderly people with dementia.

‘Awakening Smiles , a social volunteer project, benefits both children and seniors. In recent months volunteers have taken various performances to nursing homes in order to awaken smiles

Given the success of the project in nursing homes, the team decided to receive training that would expand knowledge on geriatrics.

The course “How to act with elderly people with dementia” was given in one of the Barcelona nursing homes, San Ignacio de Loyola. Rubén Aparicio, social educator and employee of the home, was the trainer, and the volunteer team stated at the end that it had been a very interesting, emotionally intelligent and useful training,  fostering treating people with dementia with dignity, and keeping in mind that having dementia is not being insane.

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