“We build bridges” (Klagenfurt, Austria)

Cultural Volunteering

“Didgeridoo meets chickpea and wooden spoon makes music”
Integration evenings in the House of Philosophy of New Acropolis Klagenfurt, Austria

As part of the Europe-wide integration weeks, the House of Philosophy in Klagenfurt offered people from different countries such as Egypt, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Zambia the opportunity to meet, get to know each other and discover common interests. The first evening was themed “Didgeridoo meets chickpea and a wooden spoon makes music”. In cooking, in impro-theater and in different music and dance, common interests were sought and found. The second evening had the goal to make the connecting and the distinguishing between generations and cultures visible with keynote speeches and discussions. Both evenings showed the essence of successful integration – esteem, tolerance, respect, openness and joy towards the new.

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