C.G. Jung and Roberto Assagioli: Pioneers of a Transpersonal Psychology (London, UK)

Promotion of Philosophy

While Jung is almost as renowned as Freud himself, Roberto Assagioli is less well known, except to those working in the field of transpersonal psychology. However, his psychological framework, known as ‘Psychosynthesis’, perhaps offers equal possibilities for human development as that of C.G. Jung, since it is based on the concept of the emerging potential of the human being and aims to develop the largely uncharted territory of the spiritual Self.

The speaker, Sabine Leitner, who has an MA in Psychosynthesis Coaching, gave an excellent overview of the differences and similarities between the two psychological approaches, highlighting the Will and its intimate connection with the Self in the psychology of Assagioli. The talk was so popular that it sold out within a few weeks, demonstrating the appeal that the topic of transpersonal psychology has for people today.

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