Talk on the Philosophy of Play (London, UK)

Evening led by one of New Acropolis members, Michael Lassman, an experienced play worker. Explaining the meaning the word ‘play’ has had down the ages, he emphasised how essential play […]

Workshop: Develop Your Inner Philosopher (London, UK)

This year New Acropolis UK opened its first one-day weekend workshop ‘Develop Your Inner Philosopher’ – designed to be an introduction to philosophy in the ‘classical tradition’. The workshop featured […]

World Bee Day 2019 (London, UK)

“World Bee Day” was adopted by the United Nations last year following a proposal made by the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association in 2014. As creators of the “Melissa Garden Bee Sanctuary”, […]

Sacred Dance evening (London, UK)

An evening that included a theoretical presentation about Indian Sacred Dance and a beautiful performance was given by our guest speaker Miti Desai. She is the founder of a cultural collective […]