World Bee Day 2019 (London, UK)

Educational Activities

“World Bee Day” was adopted by the United Nations last year following a proposal made by the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association in 2014. As creators of the “Melissa Garden Bee Sanctuary”, New Acropolis joined in the celebrations of this event for the second time this year with an event at its premises in Islington, London.

The day consisted of several different activities, including informal talks in the garden about bees, their life cycle and organisation. At the same time, volunteers were carrying out a live beeswax filtration process, demonstrating the process of refining wax harvested from the sanctuary hives to prepare it for practical use.

In the afternoon there was a screening of the documentary film More than Honey directed by Markus Imhoof, a Swiss film director. The documentary provides insights into the lives of bees and highlights the negative impacts of industrial beekeeping.

The event was attended by a range of people from different ages and backgrounds, including some practising and aspiring beekeepers, all very keen to learn more about bees and their important role in nature.


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