Acropole Play – Streaming Platform of New Acropolis Brazil


Created in January 2020, Acrópole Play is the streaming platform of New Acropolis Brazil. Since then, there are already thousands of subscribers following the best courses, series, interviews, podcasts and articles on philosophy, art, culture and self-knowledge.

In all, the platform has about 500 titles available to watch wherever and whenever you want using your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

The contents are exclusive and prepared by volunteer teachers trained by New Acropolis, with extensive experience in the application of philosophy as a tool for building oneself and the society in which we live.

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All the profit obtained with Acrópole Play goes to social and cultural projects developed by New Acropolis in Brazil, such as Criança para o Bem (Children for Good) and Instituto Paraense de Educação e Arte – IPEA. Website:

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