Exhibition: ‘Immortality in Egypt’ (Seville, Spain)

Educational Activities

‘Immortality in Egypt’, an exhibition offered by New Acropolis Seville during the first
third of this year was warmly welcomed by the public that visited it.

The exhibition included a tour of a reconstructed Egyptian burial chamber with painted
details and reproductions which allowed for a very special experience.
Visitors had the opportunity to better understand Egyptian symbolism, whereby death plays
an important role that has at times not been well understood.

Well known images such as “the weighing of the heart” or “the opening of the mouth”
awoke a great interest among the attendees as well as the sarcophagus that contained a
reproduction of a Ptolemaic mummy.

In addition to the main Egyptian temples and talks about the gods that were most significant according to the Egyptian worldview, there was an interesting exhibition on the papyrus of Ani,
All the activities were accompanied by audiovisuals and sweet Egyptian treats.

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