“Let go of false masks!” (Paris, France)

Volunteers of New Acropolis Paris 5 taking part in Project “let go of false masks” in support of a city hospital.

According to a recent survey, 54% of the French are experiencing a happy quarantine. Volunteers of New Acropolis Paris decided to experience quarantine in
solidarity! A dozen volunteers joined in the production of masks in response to the country’s needs, and delivered them to a city hospital.
Nearly 150 of these masks were for health care professionals and high risk individuals.

New Acropolis carries out actions through volunteering and philosophy, and for this reason this project was named “let go of false masks” so that each volunteer can observe themselves and wonder what their false masks are and how to free themselves from them. We invite you to also ponder this question, whether you are quarantined or not!

Delivery of masks to Saint-Denis Hospital

New Acropolis volunteers delivering masks in Paris District 50 

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