Lecture on World Philosophy Day: “Philosophy and Progress” (Málaga, Spain)

World Philosophy Day

Lecture entitled “Philosophy and Progress” by Professor Juan Manuel de Faramiñán Gilbert, in the framework of the celebration of World Philosophy Day proclaimed by UNESCO. Antonio Requena, President of the Unesco Malaga Education, Culture and Peace Center, spoke a few words to commence the activity.

Juan Manuel de Faramiñán began his lecture by talking about the myth of progress and the rupture between science and philosophy that led to the imbalance between the development of technology and ethics, and the consequent deterioration of philosophical and humanistic thinking contributing to the current crisis of values, manifested in the prevailing society expressing the model called “liquid time” by Zygmunt Bauman. This lack of solid and stable values is manifested in the uncertainty and insecurity that characterizes our time.

Juan Manuel also noted that we are witnessing what is being called “ecocide” and its consequences upon millions of people displaced from their places of origin due to the disastrous effects of climate change.

In the face of this, the efforts of present and future humanity must be twofold: an external work to return to a decontaminated and habitable planet, and an internal work to find integrity and inner unity within ourselves. 



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