Philosophical microphone “What is the strength of human in?” (Russia)

World Philosophy Day

What is the strength of human in? ⠀

  • In the ability to overcome fears and dare to do what is important and valuable. ⠀
  • In gratitude, because it helps in difficult times. ⠀
  • In modesty, which gives strength to think less about yourself and more understand others. ⠀
  • In beauty. Every person, regardless of skin color, religion, beliefs, is very beautiful. And philosophy teaches to see this beauty. ⠀
  • In believing in yourself. Remember that it is within the power of a person to find the right solution in any case, no matter what happens. ⠀
  • In philosophy – not theoretical, but practical. If philosophy guides our steps, it can change the world for the better without violence and aggression. ⠀

Such answers were heard on the philosophical microphone dedicated to the International Day of Philosophy. ⠀

All theses have one thing in common: a person’s strength is in dignity, when one acts like a human being.⠀

And the greatest strength is when we work as a team. Much more can be brought into the world together than alone.

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