Seminar on “Neuroscience: The Power of Our Mind” (Belgrano, Argentina)

Cultural Activities

Seminar through a virtual platform on “Neuroscience: The Power of Our Mind”.
Dr. Gustavo Porras explained the main functions of the brain as well as the latest
acquisition in the evolution of the nervous system, the frontal zone named the neo cortex.

The neo cortex is responsible for voluntary motor functions, cognitive functions, higher order intellect,
capacity for understanding and analysis and perhaps the highest and most complex function, that of the imagination.

Stimuli reach this part of the brain in a delayed way with respect to the reptilian or limbic brain, so, in someone with less
development and education of their higher functions, the instinctive responses predominate widely over the more rational ones.

The talk also discussed differences between man and artificial intelligence, including the ability in man to have self-awareness, intuition or
belief in the existence of God, the acquisition of a universal order, altruism and sacrifice for the other, Love, faith, religiosity, imagination,
art , and mastery of instincts.

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