100 percent Human Dignity – united against racism (Germany)

Cultural Activities
UNESCO International Day for the elimination of Racial Discrimination - Nuremberg
Nuremberg weeks against racism

Since 2017 the city of Nuremberg participates in the UNESCO´s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Numerous projects and activities make it clear that Human Dignity is absolute and inviolable. In our society there is no room for discrimination, racism, antisemitism or other forms of exclusion.

Once again, the Nuremberg branch of New Acropolis contributed to this event with three online speeches under a common focus: “The Renaissance of Man”. The specific topics comprised:

– The long ascent of mankind

– How are we really? Altruistic or egoistic?

– The timeless ethics of Socrates, the Stoic, Buddha, Confucius etc.

Logo Nuremberg weeks for Human DignityThe centre for human rights within the Nuremberg city council explicitly recognized the efforts and contributions made by New Acropolis and other institutions especially during these challenging times.

At New Acropolis we affirm that no crisis may ever stop or prevent people to advocate for such paramount values and principles as human rights and human dignity.











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