A Philosophical Look at Life and Death (Brazil)

Promotion of Philosophy

Talk entitled “A philosophical look at life and death”, streamed on New Acropolis You Tube Channel, a very relevant topic addressed by many traditions, always posing a deep reflection by all philosophers, friends and seekers of wisdom.

The talk was given by Bernardo Norat Beghini – New Acropolis Uberaba, Emília Vargas – New Acropolis Niterói and José Carlos Possas – New Acropolis Belo Horizonte, and, as mediator, Jerusa Garay, a volunteer of New Acropolis.

Talking about life is a great challenge for us. From a philosophical perspective, life is an enigma. To introduce the topic and learn more about the mystery of life and how different philosophers observed this enigma so present in humanity, Bernardo explained that life is essentially within and is manifested in plants, animals, the mineral kingdom and human beings. “The evolutionary meaning of all things is to bring the life that exists within each being to the highest degree of evolution and beauty. This is the meaning of the movement of life”.

Emilia highlighted the precepts of the book Bardo Thodol, bringing teachings about this moment of transition in the life of the human being: life is eternal and this passage of man through physical existence is necessary for our evolution. “Reflecting on death can help us to understand better this important phase of nature’s cycle. The importance of philosophy in our lives is precisely to help each of us to learn to live in a fairer, wiser and more conscious way,” she concludes.

José Carlos emphasised that the wisdom of nature continually reminds us of this memory of the passing of time and how we can go through these cycles in an intelligent way.

This is a theme that all traditions have already dealt with, because the theme of life and, consequently, the theme of death, and that life that remains beyond the cycles, is part of the philosophical reflections and the human need to understand it.


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