Educational visit to the Sloth Sanctuary (Panama)

Ecological Volunteering

Visit to the Sloth Sanctuary of the Panamerican Association for Conservation Panama@appcpanama in Gamboa rainforest – a wonderful opportunity to be in contact with nature, to become aware of the impact our actions have on other beings and also to see how associations and non-profit groups have a positive impact on society.

We learned that sloths (they are not of the bear or ape family) do not have bones, their structure is composed of cartilage, that their gestation lasts 11.5 months and that after birth the baby depends on its mother until it is approximately 8 months old, the female can reproduce after 3 years of age and the male after 4 or 5 years of age.

Sloths are threatened by logging, high-speed roads, power lines and drought.

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