Online seminar: ‘Know thyself: The 7 planes of the Human Being’ (Argentina)

Cultural Activities

The Belgrano branch of New Acropolis presented through a virtual platform the online Seminar ‘Know thyself: The 7 planes of the Human Being’, by Professor Isabel Osella.

The Human Being, one of the greatest mysteries that has always existed and, at the same time, one of the greatest challenges to discover.
“Who am I?” “Where do I come from?” and “Where am I going?” are questions that we have all asked ourselves at some time and it is a permanent need to find some answers that can help us to form our identity and discover the meaning of our existence.

Throughout history, various civilizations, sages and philosophers have made advances in this subject, their teachings constituting a sort of “map” that could help us to travel this difficult but important path of knowing ourselves.



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