Food Distribution to the Homeless (Barcelona, Barcelona)

Social Volunteering

Once again this year, New Acropolis volunteers have taken to the streets to carry out the usual distribution of food to the homeless, this year ensuring all safety measures due to Covid-19.

At the beginning of January, during two particularly cold nights, a total of 44 volunteers went out on the streets of Barcelona to hand out a bag of food and a cup of hot soup to the homeless. The volunteers have also given them a personalised postcard with their best wishes and, perhaps most importantly, some company and conversation. An estimated 100 homeless people in the city have been reached. In the context of Covid-19, exceptional measures have been taken to ensure the safety of volunteers and homeless people. To this end, small groups of a maximum of 4 people were formed, masks were worn at all times, both for the preparation of the food and for its distribution, and the recommended safety distances were respected. The volunteers have verbalised that this solidarity action has allowed them to learn more about the reality of homeless people in their city.

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