Health for body and soul (Brazil)

Educational Activities

A lecture entitled “Health for body and soul” was broadcast on the YouTube channel of New Acropolis Brazil.

The lecture was given by Bernardo Norat Beghini, a doctor and teacher at New Acropolis Uberaba; Valéria Canecchio, a psychologist and teacher at New Acropolis South São Paulo; and Ana Paula Riberto, a nurse and teacher at New Acropolis Juiz de Fora.

The professionals discussed health in a holistic way, and correlated it to philosophy, with the aim of encouraging reflections on a better quality of life. One of these correlations was the importance of cultivating human values and virtues, which was pointed out by Bernardo Norat as a teaching promoted by the Renaissance physician Paracelsus.

In addition to this holistic correlation with philosophy, psychologist Valéria Canecchio gave advice on how to overcome fear and anxiety, and how to organise time and space to be able to work, eat, have a hobby, practice physical exercises, among other activities and duties.

The nurse Ana Paula Riberto also addressed the topic and made some recommendations for hand, food and household hygiene, promoting good health in daily life, bearing in mind that hygiene is an important practice for the prevention of various diseases.

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