Happy birthday, Marcus Aurelius! (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Promotion of Philosophy

Philosophic marathon in social media “If I were Marcus Aurelius”, where within a week everyone could try some elements of stoic lifestyle, considering the phrases of the Marcus Aurelius’ diary, making stoic exercises and finalising the day.

The opportunity to learn stoic ideas and to see how these ideas can be brought into life on the example of Marcus Aurelius. And the most fascinating – the opportunity to respond to the questions that concern modern people as Marcus Aurelius would do. That’s how the birthday of Marcus Aurelius was celebrated in New Acropolis Yekaterinburg.

This event has been organised within the framework of Yekaterinburg “Biblionight” and allowed many people to get acquainted with Marcus Aurelius’ book “To Himself”, stoic philosophy and to see the relevance and usefulness of stoic advice today.

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