“Humanity, its Symbols and the Metamorphosis of the Soul” (Brasilia, Brazil)


During her travels through Brasilia, educator and writer Laura Winckler taught the course “Humanity, its Symbols and the Metamorphosis of the Soul”, inspired by the works of Carl Gustav Jung, to a group of about 200 students of New Acropolis. After succinctly discussing certain aspects of his biography, Laura shared with the group a few reflections about his work, focused on the process of human realization and individuation, as well as the role of symbols within this process within different traditions.

She taught that human realization is achieved as a result of the harmonious relationship between different elements present in life which are themselves part of a sole totality. This harmony may very well be the key to solve many of humanity’s problems existing within today’s society, including exaggerated rationalism and blind fanaticism.



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