Seminar: “The journey of the heroine and the hero, psychology of transformation in three stages.” (Oeiras-Cascais, Portugal)

Promotion of Philosophy

Organized by New Acropolis, in the framework of the Theseus Adventure Club, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Oeiras, this in-person course held at our New Acropolis Center brought together participants under thirty years of age, 

Led by Paulo Alexandre Loução, Researcher of the Hermes International Institute and Director of New Acropolis Oeiras-Cascais, and Patrícia Grave, instructor at New Acropolis, the course combines the three phases of the heroine or hero’s journey described by Joseph Campbell and the classical sources of East and West, aiming at the transformation and even transmutation of consciousness, more effective during the stage of youth, through this path of action.

It is necessary to awaken the values of heroes and heroines in young people, if we want a happy and hopeful future.

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