Lecture: “Philosophy as a spiritual path” (Azores, Portugal)

Promotion of Philosophy

New Acropolis presented the lecture: “Philosophy as a Spiritual Path” at the Natalia Correa Center (Ayuntamiento de Punta Delgada, Azores).

Hélio de Orvalho, professor at New Acropolis Azores, addressed the following:

– What is Philosophy and what is Spirituality?

– Self-knowledge: body, soul and spirit

– How to look within and conquer our higher self

– The way out of the cave of ignorance to the light of spiritual archetypes

– The path of the soul in search of fullness and virtue

The exposition of these ideas reached the following conclusion: Philosophy as a spiritual path represents a way of inner awakening that develops the powers of the human soul, which we call virtues. Virtues are the words with which wisdom is communicated and made visible. They are the spiritual powers behind all righteous actions.

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