Lecture on the Anniversary of the Founding of São Paulo (West São Paulo/SP, Brazil)

Cultural Activities

New Acropolis joined the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of São Paulo with a lecture entitled: “History, Symbolism and Identity of São Paulo in the 467 years of its foundation”.

New Acropolis teacher Rafael Sanábio spoke about the symbolic elements of São Paulo’s history and flag, an invitation to hospitality. Lívea Rocha then gave a short presentation about the foundation of the city of São Paulo, with its terrestrial axes aligning Heaven and Earth.

This initiative highlights our origins and our role in relation to these roots, as Rafael recalled: “If we forget history, we will again and again have to reinvent a civilisation. This will make us lose our ancestry, our traditions, which, besides being static, speak of who we are; our land speaks of us!”

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