4th ‘Letters to Humanity’ Contest (Bilbao, Spain)

Cultural Activities

The exhibition of the 4th ‘Letters to Humanity’ contest was inaugurated at the Espacio Luzarra.

For this year’s contest, promoted by the Pío Baroja library, the theme was Identity. Leticia Darriba, the person in charge of the activity, composed and recited a poem for the occasion: “… is water-air-earth-fire“.

The jury for this competition was made up of three judges:

  • Esmeralda Merino, member of the digital magazine “Esfinge”, spelling and style checker.
    Vicente Penalva, doctor in history and philosopher by vocation. Responsible for the literary club “El libro durmiente”.
    Agurtzane Estrada, journalist and writer. Founding partner of “Ediciones Agalir”.

The first prize went to Laura Fernández, participant and winner of the second prize in the previous edition.

The second prize went to Miguel Ángel Antolinez.

The third prize was won by María Dolores Martínez Gea.

During the awards ceremony, each of the winning letters was read.

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