First citizen Day of the Year 2022 (Paris, France)

Ecological Volunteering

In January 2022 was held the first citizen day of the year in the New Acropolis center of Paris 15th arrondissement.

The volunteers took out the construction gloves, garbage bags and plastic bottles for a street cleaning action: in less than 10 minutes, the bottles were half-filled with cigarette butts…
Laurent’s testimonial:

“I wondered what was it for? It was like endless work… Then I said to myself that if I hadn’t done anything, tomorrow there would have been even more!”

A real breath of fresh air for Place Camille Claudel! Passers-by thanked the volunteers for their gestures.

The street belongs to everyone, and first and foremost to the citizens: so, doing a simple action like cleaning it seems to us to be a noble gesture because we don’t want to wait for things to move at the level of the public authorities!

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