New Acropolis celebrates International Mother Earth Day (Mumbai, Pune, India)

Mother Earth Day

New Acropolis India carried out a series of events towards International Mother Earth Day, reminding us of our humble yet integral relationship with nature. Celebrations began with an overnight nature appreciation trip to Manav Bustan, an 11 acre centre amidst nature, where activities such as sapling planting, composting, and nature walks were followed by a night under the stars.

New Acropolis Mumbai Centre hosted an event entitled The Earth and I: Commemorating Mother Earth Day, where it spoke about our integral relationship with mother earth through examples of mythology across civilisations, lessons and principles of life we can glean from living in harmony with nature. Insights about sacred groves of India where shared as well. On the same evening, New Acropolis Pune Branch hosted a gardening session and discussion on the role of philosophy in helping us recognise our role within our ecosystem.






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