Solidarity for Ukraine (Cour Petral, France)

Humanitarian Disaster Relief


In response to the emergency of the dramatic situation in Ukraine, the members of the Cour Pétral School of Philosophy have mobilized with strength and determination to help this population victim of war. Numerous donations came to the Perche school. They were packaged in boxes with clearly identified contents. They were then sent to the town halls near the Cour Pétral: l’Aigle and Verneuil d’Avre et d’Iton (collection place: the social center La Ruche). It was a moment of sharing between all the members concerned about the fate of these families in distress. It was also a moment of sharing with the local leaders of these cities who appreciated the efficiency of the New Acropolis volunteers, the quality of the donations and their good presentation. Their donations complemented the already numerous donations from the town halls themselves.


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