New Acropolis centres actively stand with Ukraine

Humanitarian Disaster Relief








In spite of extremely tense life and ongoing war, New Acropolis volunteers do their best.  

NA Kyiv volunteers collect humanitarian aid and transport it as needed. In particular, they have been locating, buying and distributing the necessary medicine for children.

Acropolitans of Ivano-Frankivsk collected and distributed the necessary items for the rescue and recovery teams: batteries, karemats, gloves, tools, sugar, tea, coffee. To nourish the soul, they also organised a poetry evening commemorating Ukrainian poet and writer Taras Shevchenko.

Members of NA Odesa work together with members of NA Mykolaiv and make camouflage nets. Volunteers from both cities support each other and say “Odesa + Mykolaiv are always together”.

Volunteers in Vinnytsya bought and delivered products to Kharkiv and refugees from Mariupol – sweets, buckwheat, meat, and cabbage.


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