Participation in the Kanagawa Minato Festa 2022 (Yokohama, Japan)

Promotion of Philosophy

New Acropolis Yokohama participated in the Kanagawa Minato Festa, an event held at the Kanagawa Public Hall near the JR Higashi-Kanagawa Station, which involves showing and explaining the daily activities of residents, such as stage performances, dances and workshops, etc.
For this event, which we call “Petit Lecture on Philosophy”, we have prepared the following program, thinking about everyday life from a philosophical point of view:
1. What is courage?
2. What makes a good comparison?
3. When you feel depressed, get in touch with philosophy
4. Ancient Indian Philosophy Relevant Today
5. Aristotelian Ethics
6. Let’s think about society from the teachings of Confucius
7. Philosophy learned from manga

Visitors could choose their favorite topic and were offered a 10-minute mini course. People of all ages have shown interest in our work, from those who said, “I love philosophy!”, to fathers with children, to those who have recently been touched by the words of a famous person. All the members who participated were able to spend a very fulfilling day.

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