A visit to Aquincum, an ancient Roman city (Budapest, Hungary)

Cultural Activities, Educational Activities

New Acropolis in Budapest organized a guided tour to the remains of a Roman city of Aquincum. During the six-hour walk, the participants were guided by a historian, an archaeologist and an architect through the area which included a variety of locations.


While investigating the ruins, they talked about the Romans’ ideal of life and their everyday life, religion and mythology.


The participants visited a Roman house, completely rebuilt on the original Roman foundations, observing everyday objects in the various parts of the house, from the dining room to the study holding several papyri.


One of the novelties of Aquincum is the reconstructed sanctuary of Mithras, where the group discussed the mystery religion, the role of the cult statues, altars and cult objects found at the site, and also the inner journey associated with the Mithras cult.


The time-travel also highlighted the Roman conception of man, in which the active, the spiritual, and the divine parts of man formed an inseparable unit. In addition to the durability of Roman roads, the visitors also marveled at the fact that the Romans always looked for the shortest and straightest route and built their roads along that line. Efficiency, respect for nature, and a unified worldview, as attested in Aquincum on the borders of the Roman Empire, are values that we can also build on in today’s world.


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