Report on 6 month of volunteering during the war (Ukraine)

Humanitarian Disaster Relief

New Acropolis in Ukraine has been providing humanitarian aid since the very first days of the war. Here is a brief statistical report on major activities during the last 6 months.

 Humanitarian aid provided by the NA volunteers

✔️ 500 kg of products and 50,000 items of essential goods for affected families were delivered;

✔️ 276 books for Lyceum #3 in Bucha district were purchased;

✔️ A website to help the village Gorenka was created;

✔️ NA volunteers helped to dismantle destroyed buildings in Irpin and Bucha.

NA volunteers produced

✔️ 62 camouflage nets, 2000 square meters;

✔️ 2000 sq. m of bases for camouflage nets;

✔️ 130 camouflage suits;

✔️ 20,000 m of bandages and bandages for healthcare facilities.

Procured tactical medicine

✔️1500+ turnstiles;

✔️1500+ bandages, hemostatic bandages;

✔️10 loads;

✔️10 bulletproof vests;

✔️10 helmets;

✔️50+ tactical first aid kits.

International aid

✔️ NA Ukraine volunteers coordinated the delivery of humanitarian aid from New Acropolis Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Romania. The aid included food, medicine, hygiene products and amounted to over 20,000 Euros.

✔️ NA Ukraine volunteers escorted cargo at the border and organized logistics in Ukraine.


✔️ Over 50 families were accompanied during evacuation. NA volunteers assisted with communication and organized settlements in other countries.

Trainings, workshops and other events organised and carried out by NA volunteers

✔️12 trainings on first aid;

✔️15 workshops and guided tours for children of internally displaced persons;

✔️ 4 charity concerts;

✔️ 5 poetry and music evenings;

✔️ workshops on stoic philosophy;

✔️ initiated a cultural project to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Skovoroda:  preparing a mural in Vinnytsia, carrying out a book diving workshop, and preparing exhibitions;

✔️ issued magazine “Idealist”№19-2022-07.pdf.

In total

50,000 EUR were collected by New Acropolis Ukraine and spent on the purchase of equipment and humanitarian aid.

45,000 hours of volunteer work.

Thank you to all volunteers for your persistence and efforts! 

We also express gratitude to our partners: health care institutions, educational and cultural institutions, public and international organizations,, publishing houses, foreign partners.

Together we are strong!

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