Seminar: Plato’s philosophy (Portugal)

Cultural Activities

Following the trend of the last 3 years, during the summer, New Acropolis Portugal offered a free course for all its members, taught by Professor José Carlos Fernández, writer and national director of this association. This year’s theme is Plato’s Philosophy, from his Dialogues.

Summer is a season associated with enjoyment, relaxation and rest. And can’t all this be achieved through ideas such as Plato’s ideas?

This great philosopher expresses all the keys to understand the Human Being and even the universe of which he is a part. A good way, then, to achieve the objectives outlined above.

The course consists of six sessions of two hours each and its program is as follows:

  1. Philosophy of Love (Commentaries on the Phaedrus and the Banquet).
  2. Philosophy of Language (Commentaries on the Cratylus)
  3. Philosophy of Justice (The Republic and The Laws)
  4. Philosophy of Poetry and Art (Ion and Hipias)
  5. Philosophy of Numbers (Timaeus and Epinomis)
  6. Philosophy of Courage and the Immortality of the Soul (Lacues and Phaedo)

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