The Soup Kitchen and Solidarity Pantry distributes toys and special food at Christmas time (Valencia, Spain)

Social Volunteering

Distribution of toys for the almost one hundred children of the families we serve in our Soup Kitchen and La Concordia Solidarity Pantry.

Thanks to donations received by the #centreculturalcastàlia of Castellón, who also made sweet cakes for our babies; to the volunteers of GEA Valencia who, through the #comparteyrecicla Foundation, gave us toys; and to the workers of #famosa.







During the afternoon and evening of the 24th our volunteers made special deliveries with lots of seafood and fish donated by Consum supermarkets.
The beneficiaries of our Soup Kitchen and La Concordia Solidarity Pantry were able to celebrate Christmas Eve with delicious delicacies.

Thank you all for your support and help!


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