Virtual Forum on Roman Philosophy (Portugal)

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The current situation of our western society demands adaptation, inner strength and humanity. Human values were very present in Roman Philosophy.

The timeliness of the philosophy of Ancient Rome prepares us for these times of crisis, where we face great challenges and adversities.

As a philosophy of great practicality, it continues to be, more than 2000 years later, a source of inspiration and strength for life.

With all this in mind, New Acropolis Portugal, with the collaboration of the city of Braga, has realized this virtual forum with the following Program:

Online lectures:

Seneca and the Magic of a Happy and Virtuous Society. José Carlos Fernández.

The Vestals and the Sacred Fire of Rome. Carmen Morales.

Marcus Aurelius. Stoic Reflections. José Ramos.

The Way of Plotinus. Path to the One. Isabel Areias.

Stoic Philosophy and Sports. Cleto Saldanha.

Stoicism and the Tranquility of the Soul. Solange Macedo.

The Pandemic of 2020. A Historical Perspective. Mariana Esteves.

Stoic Philosophy from a Spiritual Perspective. Françoise Terseur.

São Martinho de Dume. Stoic Bracarense. Rafael Pereira.

Cicero and the Return of Platonic Philosophy. Antony Capitão.

Epictetus. The Freedom of the Philosopher. José Antunes.

In-person activities:

Video-Forum: Romanization. With the presence of Professor Mário de Sousa Cunha.

Visit to the Bülher- Brockhaus Collection. With the presence of Professor Mário de Sousa Cunha.


Everyday Life in Ancient Rome. Antony Capitão (based on texts by Jorge Ángel Livraga).

The Maxims of Epictetus. Luciana Esteves.

Spiritual Exercises in the Philosophical Schools of Antiquity. Françoise Terseur.

Letters to Lucilius, by Seneca. Emilia Riveiro.

All this was completed by a series of articles published on the website of Nova Acrópole Portugal and in the magazine Fénix.

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