Workshop “Diary: how to stay true to yourself” (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Promotion of Philosophy

New Acropolis held a workshop “Diary: how to stay true to yourself” as a part of the course presentation “Philosophy for Life”.

The main idea was to show that the diary is a great tool that helps us to put into practice all our theoretical knowledge, apply a philosophical approach during our everyday life and become closer to our inner world.

The participants answered the philosophical question: “What are the main things in my life that I want to be faithful to?”. After this we tried to formulate the most important things that we should keep and guard.

Another question that we tried to reflect on was: ” When and why do we “forget ourselves”? We also tried to find the reasons for this forgetfulness.

This workshop was led by Yulia Luts, head of the Yekaterinburg branch and Ksenia Galkina. The participants learned how to work with goals and values, based on the experience of Stoic philosophers. We tried to understand and notice things that make us react and worry about not only our personal destiny, but all the things around us. We tried to conceive the situations when we should make a conscious choice concerning things that bother us. This allows you not to escape from yourself and the tasks that life sets before you, not to calm down until a solution is found, all of this helps us to be more humane.

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