World Philosophy Day. Conference and Dialogue “In Three Voices” (Verona, Italy)

World Philosophy Day

In Verona, World Philosophy Day was celebrated through a conference “with three voices” entitled: “Appearances. Life between reality and illusion”. The three voices were those of Antonio Carradore, art historian, Antonio Prioglio, behavioural consultant, and Stefano Musante, president of New Acropolis Verona O.d.V., who, with different points of view, invited the audience to reflect on the theme of appearances, nowadays more and more topical, in a world made up of images rather than substance, of showing rather than being.

The audience had the opportunity to learn about Art, as a mode that has always represented the continuous oscillation between appearance and truth, Psychology, to explain the traps of the mind and the tendency to escape from reality, and finally Philosophy, with Plato’s famous Myth of the Cave as a metaphor to describe the chains that enslave human beings, such as fear of change, ignorance, excess of comfort and selfishness, as opposed to the most beautiful and elevated values and qualities such as research, effort, courage and trust.

At the end of the evening, the spectators were divided into three groups arranged in a circle to engage in an artistic, psychological and philosophical dialogue respectively, under the guidance of the three lecturers, having the opportunity to express and share their doubts, questions and reflections.

World Philosophy Day was realized in collaboration with Associazione Le Fate Onlus and the Municipality of Verona.


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