Joint project of New Acropolis and the Chelyabinsk Regional Public Library (Russia)

World Philosophy Day

New Acropolis together with the Chelyabinsk Regional Public Library implements the project called “Books that have changed the world.

This project have already existed for two years. The idea is to make different types of lectures about books and authors who have made an important impact on the development of humanitarian movement and our life on the whole.

The project implements three types of “New Acropolis” activities:

  • Philosophy. Topics for lectures are of current interest for every person who is looking for the answers on such questions as “how to live during difficult times”, “my contribution to the future”, “the search of the meaning of life”, “harmonious coexistence”, etc.
  • Culture. Lectures are held for a wide audience and are based on the universal values.
  • Volunteering. All lectures are free of charge, as an example of “New Acropolis” teachers and the Chelyabinsk Regional Public Library administration good will.

Lectures are held in the Library every two months with the help of the “New Acropolis” teachers.

Here are some topics of the lectures:

  • “The dream that has conquered the time. Plato and his book “The Republic” “

  • “Ray Bradbury: Am I in charge of the future?” (based on the novel “Fahrenheit 451” )

  • “How to get to the East country?” (devoted to the 90th anniversary of Hermann Hesse’s book “Journey to the East”)

  • “Marcus Aurelius: how to live in difficult time?”

  • “Madness, wisdom and one more Don Quixote secret”

  • “Say “YES” to life” (based on the same title book by Viktor Frankl)

  • “The Amazing Worlds of Dante Alighieri” (devoted to the 700th anniversary of the “Divine Comedy”)

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