World Philosophy Day in la Rambla (Almería, Spain)

World Philosophy Day

World Philosophy Day, proclaimed by UNESCO, summoned volunteers from Nueva Acrópolis Almería to the city streets. They gathered in Federico García Lorca Avenue to deliver a series of activities showcasing Philosophy in everyday life, in the cinema and in the theatre.

Día Mundial de la Filosofía en la Rambla música canciones

Events in honor of World Philosophy Day

Book stands. Theatre performance: “The Truth and Lies”. World dance groups: folk dance from Transylvania and Moldavia. Videos explaining who we are: philosophy, culture and volunteering. Philosophy and cinema Philo-Forum: Reality or fiction? Films: A Peaceful Warrior, Good Will Hunting, Matrix, Star Wars. Our community life, music and songs: Why do we sing? Why do we promote philosophy?

Día Mundial de la Filosofía en la Rambla libros


Lies enjoy dressing up as truths and can confuse you if you are not attentive enough. Happiness is not attained when you reach your destination, but in the journey itself.  It is fundamental not to be deceived – to know where to look for the truth. Don’t just try: Do it! Otherwise, you’ll never succeed.


Día Mundial de la Filosofía en la Rambla teatro verdad y mentira

Dances from around the world

Since antiquity dance has formed part of everyday life and of the transcendental life of human beings. There is no civilisation or culture that hasn’t used dance to represent the laws of Nature.  Many classical philosophers say that the objective of dance is to express the harmony between the soul and body. Universal geometrical forms are produced by groups of dancers to connect with this harmony and to reflect the Universe and the continuity of Life.

Día Mundial de la Filosofía en la Rambla danzas del mundo

Philosophy and cinema

Every human being is unique and should evolve within himself. One can look for inspiration in others but comparing oneself to others doesn’t make sense because every individual has his own essence and has to learn to get to know it through its expression. Plato used to say that we are conditioned by the education we receive and our circumstances. Are we then slaves? Is the Myth of the Cave real? Should we take a risk by going outside of what we already know well in order to stretch ourselves, outside of the comfort and apparently familiar zone?

It may be enough to speak in a new way, to listen like we have never done before… to dare to look with different eyes. Obstacles are in our mind and our prejudices create illusions. If you believe that you cannot do something, you won’t put an effort into it. If you do, however, the result may still be different from what you expected at the time, but it will be a step forward

Día Mundial de la Filosofía en la Rambla cine Filo-fórum

A way of life

The Philosophy promoted by New Acropolis is above all about the way of life that can be achieved by everyone who puts into practice the teachings of great sages of all times. The application of this knowledge can eventually bring out a better individual, who can in turn create a better world. You are here and take part in this.



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