Congress: “Philosophy and universal symbols” (Guatemala, Guatemala)

World Philosophy Day
To commemorate World Philosophy Day, New Acropolis Guatemala programmed a series of activities that encouraged reflection. This year’s theme was “The Power of the Symbol” with the objective of delving into the importance of symbols in philosophy and daily life. The Congress entitled: “Philosophy and Universal Symbols” had four presentations talking about how symbols have been containers of valuable knowledge and available in many ways to transmit and be used by us since time immemorial, from justice to music.

Elizabeth Harmelin spoke on “The Symbols of Justice”. Carlos Cabrera: “Animals as Symbols in Plato’s Myths”. Roberto Pérez: “Pythagoras and his Legacy” and Miguel Torres: “Greco-Roman Sculpture, a look at the portraits of the most famous philosophers”. Finally, we enjoyed a cocktail and very engaging conversations.

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