Couples Alchemy: when the other mirrors the path to self-improvement (Paris, France)

Cultural Activities

What makes a couple work? What do we basically look for in one another? How do we understand that which simultaneously differentiates and connects us to each other?

These questions are at the heart of the relationship. The couple relationship is based on an essential idea developed by Carl Gustav Jung: that of anima and animus.

This lecture was given by Laura Winckler, co-founder of New Acropolis France, Graduate in classical letters and philosopher specializing in Eastern philosophies. Laura Winckler is also a great connoisseur of Jungian psychology.

The lecture, which brought together about 70 people, was an opportunity to deepen this dual theme of anima and animus, revisiting the idea that man seeks outside himself, as well as in the other, what he carries within himself.

Therefore, the first act of love consists in “learning the language of the other”. Therefore, the couple is a true school of altruism, a learning ground where the relationship with the other plays the role of a mirror of ourselves.

The couple’s relationship is nourished by experience: one must be able to be “close enough to be moved by the other but far enough away to be surprised”. Daily life as a couple allows the development of multiple qualities, such as emotional intelligence, the ability to put things in perspective, a sense of humor specific to the relationship, and especially the art of courtesy towards others.

Experienced in this way, the relationship can be viewed as a real school of life that allows us to strive for the best in ourselves.

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