Philosophical Café: “Philosophy to fulfill our aims” (Santa Tecla, El Salvador)

Cultural Activities

The idea behind the Philosophical Café is to generate a dialogue and build with all the participants the central ideas of the topic at hand. The activity was accompanied by an excellent coffee as well as bread rolls and cookies.

One of the first ideas that emerged was the importance of having a purpose. It is important to evaluate if our aims are achievable, if they are truly within our reach. For example, we cannot pretend to have the goal of traveling to an exoplanet, if in fact no human being has achieved it so far. The idea of knowing how to prioritize our aims and goals was discussed. According to timeless philosophy, the human being is constituted of 7 dimensions: physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual, intelligence, love and will. It is important to align our feelings, thoughts and actions with our aims since we are beings made up of different elements.

The tools we have to fulfill our aims are the following:

  • Order, which helps us to not lose energy and allows us to do things in the best way.
  • Rhythm, which gives consistency to what we do and allows habits to develop.
  • Enthusiasm, a motivation that allows us to keep going, since we can always tend to abandon the progress made.
  • Reflection, to always measure and re-evaluate what we are doing, and to improve, think and harmonize ourselves mentally.
  • Will, everything we undertake needs this element because it involves leaving our comfort zone.

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