Supporting the Homeless on the Streets of Bordeaux (Bordeaux, France)

Social Volunteering

New Acropolis Bordeaux organizes regular support teams for the homeless on the streets of the city. Young volunteers meet homeless people in different situations and from different backgrounds. Apart from offering them sandwiches and soup, volunteers talk to them and listen to their stories. They also offer useful information for getting help from institutions and authorities.

The main objectives of this volunteering effort are to provide human warmth to those in difficult situations and to try to lighten the burden of being homeless for a few minutes at least.

The volunteers go out in all weathers, in this case under the pouring rain. At the end of their shift, they discuss their experience and what they have learnt from it. It is a rich moment where they get to know each other and themselves better. As one of the volunteers said, “selfless voluntary work benefits those who receive it and touches the hearts of those who give it.”


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