Txantxangorri Choir Sings for St. Agatha (Bilbao, Spain)

Artistic Activities


The Txantxangorri Choir, formed by members of the New Acropolis School of Philosophy in Bilbao, went out to sing on St. Agatha’s Eve.

This celebration is very popular in the Basque Country. The group stops at certain places to make a circle and to the rhythm of the “makilak” sticks that hit the ground, they sing the song dedicated to the Saint. It is very likely that this tradition has an older origin than the Christian one and alludes to the awakening of nature after the winter solstice.

On this occasion, other songs were also sung that were recognized by passers-by, such as the following:

Aldapeko, Uso zuria, Maitia nun zira or the Boga-boga.

This act of coming together, forming a circle and singing a song has the power to keep human beings connected to Mother Earth, to feel part of the rhythms of Nature and, like her, to have a sense of inner and outer renewal.

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