World Philosophy Day (France)

World Philosophy Day

Once again, in 2022, the association New Acropolis actively participated in World Philosophy Day, decreed in 2005 by UNESCO, taking place on the third Thursday of November each year.

More than 18 activities gathering nearly 900 people were organized by the association in France, one of whose fields of action is to promote practical philosophy in everyday life.

Today more than ever, in a world shaken by crises related to COVID-19, the war in Ukraine and climate change, it is urgent to understand and know how to deal with the events we are living through.

Relying on the precepts of timeless wisdom, valid in every epoch of history, philosophy and its practical teachings help us to live and overcome the difficulties of everyday life, while developing the strength and enthusiasm necessary to project ourselves into the future.

Philosophy in all its forms

New Acropolis celebrated World Philosophy Day in twelve cities.

Welcoming philosophers, thinkers, intellectuals and citizens committed to a transformation of our culture towards a better world, this philosophy festival reached a wide audience through different activities (philo cafés, interactive lectures, cine-philo, exhibitions, writing workshop, etc.) around themes as diverse as truth, happiness, vulnerability etc.

The language of symbols

Within the framework of the international theme “the language of symbols”, chosen by New Acropolis for this edition of Philosophy Day 2022, some activities highlighted how myth can be articulated with reality to contradict or exalt it, how symbols ally with philosophy to bring understanding to levels inaccessible to discursive language, as in Plato’s myth of the cave, for example.
This was a very relevant topic because it is through the activation of the symbolic function and imagination that the creativity necessary to build a different future can be deployed.

A great success and a big thank you to all the volunteers of New Acropolis who joined their efforts to organize the activities in a welcoming, open and friendly atmosphere, thus demonstrating that philosophy is not only an intellectual activity but also practical for a daily art of living.

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