Events on the occasion of World Philosophy Day (Budapest, Hungary)

World Philosophy Day

A three-day series of events was held in the Centre of New Acropolis Hungary on the occasion of World Philosophy Day. The three days were dedicated to the three principles of New Acropolis, with presentations and discussions.

How can we become happier, better and stronger?

The first talk, entitled The Path of Consciousness, was about the development of the ability to concentrate, based on Fernand Schwarz’s book Concentration and Inner Awakening. To illustrate this path, a traditional diagram was used, whose interpretation provided visitors with useful advice on how to know and control their own minds better. Along the way, participants could test their attention with various exercises. After a few minutes of concentration, they found that it is not so easy to focus on one thing, even for a short period of time.

What does it take to have a good community?

On the second day, a talk entitled Brothers and Fraternities was held, followed by a discussion. The programme featured two rounds of discussions at eight tables on topics related to harmonious community building and the realization of brotherhood. These philosophical exchanges addressed questions such as why values are important in the life of a community, why we seek what unites us rather than what divides us, how rigid or flexible common rules we need, and whether rules are a barrier to diversity.

How can we shape the future?

In the third talk, entitled Instead of a Collapse, the speaker gave a broad outline of the drastic changes that human activities are causing in the ecosystem. The big question of collapse theory is what fate awaits humanity that has brought about these changes, and whether a supercatastrophe can be avoided. The audience was given many examples of ways to change our mindset to become aware of the scale of our own ecological footprint, and of positive crisis management models in the world that, when added together, can make a real difference.

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