Philosophical Reflections on Love (Leuven, Belgium)

Cultural Activities

Chloé Ackaert, the director of Nouvelle Acropole Leuven, hosted a conference titled “Philosophical Reflections on Love.” This conference, based on Laura Winckler’s book “The Alchemy of Couple,” aimed to delve into the concept of the “third entity” that emerges when two individuals decide to form a couple.

The essence of this exploration lies in the ability to create a “third term” between oneself and the other within the relationship. This unique and enriching experience allows for the gradual inclusion of all facets of the Other, embracing their richness and diversity without reducing the couple to a closed entity. Thus, the life of a couple can be viewed as a philosophical experience, serving as a foundation for improving societal life.

The conference sparked significant interest among the audience, leading to lively discussions following the presentations.

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