Philosophical Reflections on Love (Leuven, Belgium)

Chloé Ackaert, the director of Nouvelle Acropole Leuven, hosted a conference titled “Philosophical Reflections on Love.” This conference, based on Laura Winckler’s book “The Alchemy of Couple,” aimed to delve […]

Coffee with friends!! (Cyprus)

Simplicity is one of the worlds that contribute to the definition of love. And thus, so simply, one Sunday, some members of New Acropolis decided to have a coffee with […]

Online talk: Can we truly love? (London, UK)

Can we truly love? Luke Sewell explored this perennial question of humanity from the scientific, as well as philosophical point of view. Is love a genetic and biological mechanics and simply a […]

Lecture: Intelligence of the heart (Canada)

The recent scientific discoveries about the human heart are revolutionary. Academic researchers even say that the human heart, with its thousands of neurons and its intense electromagnetic field, is a […]