Volunteering Expo (Cordoba, Argentina)

With the aim of fostering and supporting initiatives that transmit values such as: solidarity, empathy, responsibility, respect for life, human dignity, etc. New Acropolis organized the second volunteering EXPO. On […]

Talk on the ‘Templars’ (Balvanera, Argentina)

Lecture on the “Templars” by Ramiro Betancour who discussed their knowledge about art and science, as well as the religious work and spiritual ideal they pursued. A lively Q&A followed this […]

Open talk on Chinese philosophy (Cordoba, Argentina)

  New Acropolis presented an open talk about Chinese philosophy and its two representatives Lao Tse and Confucius. From the perspective of comparative philosophy we reflected on the contributions of […]

Open talk on Plato and Jung (Cordoba, Argentina)

In an environment as beautiful as the library of Cordoba, New Acropolis offered an open talk dedicated to the Greek philosopher Plato and the famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. […]