RCB Voluntarios de Nueva Acrópolis

BCR course at the Faculty of Dentistry, Uruguay

NA Uruguay volunteers taught on the Faculty of Dentistry course, “Basic Cardiac Resuscitation (BCR) and Defibrillator Use.” This activity is part of the “Emergency Medical Studies” at the Faculty. Both […]

Planting trees in Lisbon (Portugal)

Ecological activity at the initiative of NA Lisbon, in collaboration with the National Agency for Nature Conservation, Quercus. Nearly one hundred oaks were planted with the help of volunteers and […]

Conferencia Cuzco y Machu Picchu

Lecture series of NA and UNESCO in Slovakia

New Acropolis Slovakia launched a public lecture, organized with the UNESCO Information and Documentation Center. This new series is about UNESCO’s cultural heritage, given that it is the 40th anniversary […]