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RCB Voluntarios de Nueva AcrópolisRCB Voluntarios de Nueva Acrópolis Uruguay

NA Uruguay volunteers taught on the Faculty of Dentistry course, “Basic Cardiac Resuscitation (BCR) and Defibrillator Use.”

This activity is part of the “Emergency Medical Studies” at the Faculty. Both the course instructor and students spent an intense and enjoyable day.

New Acropolis Uruguay has been offering training and advice to the general public about BCR and voluntarily supports the Honorary Commission for Cardiovascular Health.

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Ecological activity at the initiative of NA Lisbon, in collaboration with the National Agency for Nature Conservation, Quercus. Nearly one hundred oaks were planted with the help of volunteers and friends of NA in the mountains of Sintra, a town near the Portuguese capital. This action contributed to the repopulation of these sites with native vegetation.

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A documentary film “The Sacred Valley of the Incas” was presented in SamaraThe documentary film “The Sacred Valley of the Incas”, released in September 2011 by the International New Acropolis program Altair, was presented at the Samara head office.

The film is dedicated to the ancient culture of Peru (South America). Shooting was organized in close cooperation with New Acropolis Peru.

Myths and symbols, music and hymns of the “Sons of the Sun”, the secrets of the ancient stone builders, drew the interest of the Russian audience to the Empire of the Incas. Many questions were addressed to the film makers after the screening.

The film has also been screened in Moscow and other cities in Russia, including St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Smolensk, Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk. The screening in Moscow was accompanied by a live music concert performed by a Peruvian folk group.

The film is available to the public on DVD. Translation into other languages is in progress.

A documentary film “The Sacred Valley of the Incas” was presented in Samara

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In Buenos Aires, a workshop on self-defence was held by Professor Alfonso Suriano, a Black Belt in Nei Kung from the Bodhidharma Institute of New Acropolis in Argentina.

In the theoretical part, he explained the psychological motives of fear and how controlling it can help us through situations, whereas if we do not know how to address it, it may paralyze us. The state of unconscious fear, “fear of fear”, generates panic and all of the weaknesses that panic presents.
Simulating some real-life attacks, participants put into practice what they learned and applied different self-defence techniques.

He also developed techniques on detecting and avoiding risky situations and reacting to critical situations.

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New Acropolis Curitiba held the sixth edition of its Week of Philosophy. Several cities across the country joined in the event, aimed at restoring Giordano Bruno’s legacy. Over 200 people participated in this year’s event in Curitiba.

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Conferencia Cuzco y Machu PicchuNew Acropolis Slovakia launched a public lecture, organized with the UNESCO Information and Documentation Center. This new series is about UNESCO’s cultural heritage, given that it is the 40th anniversary of the “Convention on the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage”.

The first paper, devoted to the cultures of Cuzco and Machu Picchu, was held at the University Library of Bratislava by the Director of NA Slovakia, Kamila Hermannová.

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Issue number 8 of the philosophical journal “Conhéce-te a ti mesmo” was published by New Acropolis Portugal.

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