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The NA branch in Sobradinho (Federal District) prepared a clothes line hung with poetry sheets on the street. The purpose of the activity was to bring a little more literary culture to the people in the community by promoting contact with art and stimulating reflection through the legacy of inspiration bequeathed by numerous poets from Brazil and around the world.

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New Acropolis volunteers organized a guided tour focusing on the feminine symbols of the city. During the long walking tour participants were able to see different sculptures and reliefs depicting Greco-Roman goddesses and Christian saints, while the tour guide was telling related myths and stories. The participants enjoyed this extraordinary journey, and also learned different aspects and roles of women in antiquity.
Feminine symbols1 Feminine symbols2 Feminine symbols3

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DSCN4273New Acropolis Buenos Aires organized a cultural trip to the Palermo planetarium, where participants were able to experience a “journey into space” in the company of the stars.

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For a few hours, the courtyard of the headquarters of New Acropolis Peru became a magical place that sparked the imagination of all. Our art workshops held a joyful Children’s Festival entitled “The World of Toys”. Amid stories, theatre, music, magic numbers, dances, games and other activities the children had fun and also learned many ways of being better every day. Many stories touched and thrilled the young and old. Pinocchio taught us the value of truth and goodness; the Tin Soldier reminded us that we can live in harmony; “we are all valuable” was the lesson given to us by Pili the Little She-Bear; Alice, in her toy room, reminded us of the importance of tidiness and the charming and beautiful dancers touched us with their message of harmony.

This Sunday morning the child that exists even in the oldest of us was awakened and everyone felt that sense of joy, wonder, innocence and spontaneity.

In this way, members of the New Acropolis art workshops shared what they had learned and developed through art and philosophy, planting seeds of goodness and harmony in the souls of the little ones.
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The Ayacucho branch of New Acropolis Peru teaches philosophical culture through values and virtues to the general public through its different activities.


This was the title used by the Jornada newspaper for the interview it published recently with Luz Diana Gomez Prado, the head of advertising of New Acropolis in Ayacucho.


“The topics we address are philosophical, as philosophy empowers people to gain a better understanding of the meaning of their lives, understand why we are here and be able to make better decisions for the future”, Gómez pointed out.


In this way, philosophy helps human beings renew their ideas and thoughts, and visualize the future better.


“New Acropolis has been working for 16 years in the city of Ayacucho, and 44 years in Peru, and 56 years worldwide. The courses we teach are two months long, are affordably priced and provide a good preparation for life”.


To read the whole article in Spanish:

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Además de ser un arte y una practica, sirve para generar fuentes de ingresos alternativas

As well as being an art, floristry can be an alternative source of income.

The graduation ceremony of the Floristry Practical Course that is part of our integral education programs was held at the Headquarters of New Acropolis El Salvador.

With the aim of encouraging the most entrepreneurial and artistic participants, as well as providing occupational therapy, this course is held twice a year and is open to the general public. This time 12 alumni graduated.

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New Acropolis South Africa organized a lecture on leadership and how to lead oneself for the university students of Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

The talk focused on philosophical thinking as a way of life and as a means of creating our own destiny.

Together with the students, the lecturer addressed the current crisis of leadership that surrounds us in everyday life, and the unavoidable responsibility of developing the necessary qualities to become true leaders.

The event was very well received and ended with a spontaneous recital by one of the students attending.

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